The Results

The Results

Secure your biggest financial asset.

When was the last time you calculated the percentage of your net worth tied up in your business? Unless you purchased or inherited it, it was probably worthless when you started it up. Now it’s probably your biggest asset, and, when the time comes to sell, you’ll want to get full value to fund your retirement or other interests.

But... 95% of owners end up unhappy with what they received for their business. Avoid thier fate by working with me to improve your Value Builder Score

Take control of your destiny

Nearly 80% of businesses listed for sale fail to find a buyer. Approximately 70% of businesses fail when the make the transition to the second generation. Not great odds of success. One of the key problems is the business's over-dependence on the owner / founder.

Together, we'll reduce your business's reliance on you, so that you have choices: hold on to it without the stress of running it on a day-to-day basis ... sell it immediately (without an earnout) if you get an outlandish offer ... or transition it easily to the next generation.

Unlock your hidden treasures

Imagine selling your home and the buyer finding a Caravaggio painting under an old mattress in the attic worth almost $166 M. That’s what happened to one unlucky homeowner in Toulouse, France, in 2019.

Like that homeownever, your business has hidden treasures. We’ll uncover them, then develop them to their full potential to give you competitive advantage, better margins and higher profits. And, by being paid full value for all your assets when you sell your business, you’ll avoid the sickening fate of that poor homeowner.

Banish your silent killers

Taking your blood pressure is one of the first things most doctors do before treating you for just about anything. It’s a reliable indicator of silent killers from heart disease to poor circulation. Likewise, your Value Builder Assessment gives you an early warning of your business’ silent killers.

We’ll diagnose those areas which will damage your company's long-term health if left untreated. Working together we’ll address the causes of your silent killers and build a fitter, more sustainable business.

Make more money

Higher sales don’t always convert into more cash in the bank. Your value proposition will be so clear and targeted to your niches you’ll be able to charge premium prices and achieve higher margins. You’ll have a better understanding your profit and cash levers and use that information to reduce your operating cash cycle.

Ultimately, improving your Value Builder Score will increase profits (many of my clients have more than doubled their profits within two years), allow you to grow as fast as you want and put more cash in the bank.

Have more time for yourself

For many owners, their business consumes a huge amount of their time, and they end up sacrificing their health, family, or lifestyle to protect their business. Perhaps the most valuable personal benefit of the programme is that it gives you back the one thing money can't buy - Time.

The day-to-day operations will be able to run (mostly) without you, giving you the freedom to choose how you spend your time. One owner has reduced his 70-hour workweeks to 8 to 5 Monday to Friday. and has only worked two Saturday mornings in the last 5 years. His business is worth at least 20 times more too.

What to expect from the program

Here's some of the things we'll cover through during the program...

Move to working above and on, not in, the business

  • How to structure your day, week, and quarter to protect your personal time so you achieve more

  • Learn to delegate so your team enjoy taking ownership and accountability, freeing up your time to work on the highest value add activities

  • Monthly coaching sessions to keep you focused and accountable for increasing company value

  • How to make better decisions to keep the business moving forward more smoothly and rapidly

Define your business North Star

  • Use the North Star to get everyone 100% on the same page with where you’re going and how you’re going to get there

  • Articulate your organising thought so everyone gets why you do what you do

  • Define your core values to attract, recruit and keep the right people, and the organisational terrorists “deselect” themselves

  • Set your guiding principles so your team do the right thing even when there’s no process or policy to follow

  • Create a courageous vision that keeps everyone focused on the ultimate outcome

Know and manage your business’s value

  • Benchmark your business against 71,000+ others to see how you're performing compared to other businesses in your sector

  • Receive a 30-page report detailing how you're performing with improvement suggestions

  • Individual value driver scores to give you clarity on where you're performing well and where the biggest opportunities lie

  • Scenario planning to see how improving the individual scores increases future valuations

  • Re-valuations to measure progress and identify new actions to hit your target valuation

Set your team up for success

  • Develop an accountability chart that aligns the organisation to deliver the strategy

  • Design your organisation structure to reduce costs and improve productivity

  • Write role success cards that keep your team focused, motivated, and engaged

  • Remove ambiguity and confusion for employees, customers, and you, making everyone’s life easier and reducing frustration and tension

  • Why giving your employee's equity isn't a good idea, and how to create bonus schemes that fairly reward and retain key employees

Get stuff done more efficiently

  • Why everyone should have a number, and how you use that to inspire your team and have them hold each other to account

  • How to use the 90-day rock'n'roll approach to ensure you and your team are focusing on the most important development activities

  • How to implement a 90-minute weekly focus meeting that keeps everyone aligned and key projects on track

  • Develop and use a dashboard that allows you to act early to avoid major issues

How you’ll scale up with ease

  • Use the Trifecta of Scaling to identify your most scalable products and services

  • Design and build a repeatable, teachable, and valuable offering

  • Stop selling time and start selling products to give you more profit / hour

  • Identify your core competencies and leverage them to drive competitive advantage

  • How to create the core processes that drive more consistency, scalability and profitability

How you'll maximise your growth potential

  • Identify your industry's prevailing winds and use them to increase your growth rate

  • Move from the red ocean to your blue ocean to drive profitable growth

  • Define your inch-wide, mile-deep customer segmentation for rapid growth

  • Use the four growth-risk quadrants to develop more opportunities for your business

  • Determine if acquisition is a good path for your growth strategy

Establish monopoly control for better margins

  • Why monopoly control drives premium pricing, better margins, and higher profitability

  • Identify / create your uniqueness so you've no competition for your customers

  • Develop offers that allow you to charge premium pricing and improve your profitability

  • Ensure every element of your business model interlinks to protect your uniqueness

  • Reposition your competition and turn their key advantage into a weakness, so your sales conversion rates increase

Escape hub and spoke to focus on the big 'stuff'

  • Understand when you’re drifting into the owner’s trap and how to stop it happening

  • Move from being the Rainmaker to being the architect of your future success

  • Implementing systems and processes to get the business running (mostly) without you

  • Build a highly engaged team, so you get 21% higher profitability and 20% higher income than bottom quartile companies

  • How to create core processes to systematise your business so you can deliver consistent results at scale (without you over-seeing everything)

Getting sales on auto-repeat to ease the strain

  • Evaluate the nine recurring revenue models and decide which is best for your business

  • Increase your recurring revenue to smooth your cashflow and make your business more predictable and less stressful

  • Extend the lifetime value of your customers reducing your advertising cost of sales

  • Learn how to calculate your customer lifetime value to acquisition cost ratio, so you know how much to spend on marketing

Build a repeatable sales process for consistent growth

  • Create a trigger statement that stops your target customer dead in their tracks wanting to know more

  • Discover why most testimonials are worthless, and use a proven system for getting testimonials that overcome your customers' objections before they even talk to you

  • Discover what true sales leadership is, and how to implement it in your business

  • Identify and systematise your most important process to drive sales growth and profitability

  • Discover why most new salespeople fail and how to make sure it doesn’t happen in your business

Predict and overcome future growth challenges

  • Track the one measure of customer feedback that forecasts future sales

  • Learn about the 4.5 hidden dangers of net promoter score and how to avoid them to protect future growth

  • Use the Gallup 12 to measure employee engagement and take action to improve your score (and profits!)

  • Measure the attractiveness of your company to employees so you can act to reduce the risk of losing good people (essential when you’ve more than 20 staff)

Become like Switzerland

  • Understand why no-one should be indispensable, and how to avoid this

  • Use the employee stack ranking tool to identify and manage over-dependency on any one employee

  • Use the Customer Concentration Matrix to protect your profitability and reduce business risk

  • Analyse your supply chain and create plans to reduce contingency risk

Improve your profits and free cashflow

  • Understand your key financial levers so you can increase profits and (more importantly) profitability

  • Develop a financial dashboard that keeps you in control of your financial performance

  • Identify the one number you need to calculate and track so your growth plans don't bankrupt your company

  • How to analyse your balance sheet so you can see if you're really making money

  • Increase your free cashflow to reduce bank borrowing and put more cash in your bank

Prepare your business for sale

  • Why the Owner's Trap makes your business worthless, and how to break free

  • How to create a succession plan for painlessly transitioning the business to a buyer, a family member, or your management team

  • Understand how acquirer's value businesses, so you can achieve the value you want

  • Discover the 3 buyer types, and what drives their acquisition strategy

  • How to identify the perfect buyer for your business, and make your company irresistible to them

Get yourself ready to sell the business

  • How to calculate your freedom point so you know when's the right time for you to sell

  • The 2 issues you need to address to avoid suffering seller's regret after your exit

  • Discover if you're personally ready to exit, and what’s holding you back

  • How to use the 5 step Exit Checklist for a happy (and lucrative) exit from your business